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Dan Dent is an independent consultant providing architectural specification writing and consulting services to architects and designers.

With over 17 years of experience writing architectural specifications in many formats including NBS, CSI and other bespoke formats, and now specializing in producing architectural specifications in the NBS format. Other formats can also be discussed including providing CSI format specifications for the middle-east and other locations and also bespoke formats.

Drawing on a huge amount of experience and knowledge gained over the years the aim is to produce high quality specifications to meet the particular needs of each project with attention to detail being the key to capturing the Architect's design and functional aspirations.

All project sizes and locations will be considered.



Offering considerable knowledge and experience particularly in the complex area of specifying cladding systems, Dan has already specified many cladding systems on some of the most prestigious buildings in the world.


Through years of experience with specialist contractors, Dan can help in dealing with specific technical issues associated with specifying cladding systems where knowledge of the CWCT and such matters is important.


Dan qualified as an Architectural Technician many years back and has also worked in that capacity for over 10 years. And as such will be more than happy to assist where possible with regard to technical matters as the design progresses as well as during the post tender period.

Fees are very competitive and if you would like a quotation for a particular project please contact Dan Dent on 07887 980263

You can also contact Dan on enquiries


Dan has considerable expertise, knowledge and experience in all aspects of specification production, building construction and industry related norms and standards. The following issues will be examined on a project specific basis:

  • Co-ordinating the design drawings with the specification.
  • Design responsibility related matters.
  • Sustainability targets.
  • Contract related issues.
  • Technical information and how this should be used.
  • Performance information and how this should be used.
  • New-build and/or refurbishment.
  • The specific nature of the building itself including any special requirements in this respect.
  • Health and safety.
  • Building Regulations.
  • Use of appropriate standards and codes.
  • Quality control requirements.
  • Ensuring standards and codes are current.
  • Meeting the programme.
  • Packaging related matters.

You will find that Dan's experience and knowledge covers most building types and in particular; educational, healthcare, residential, retail, offices, airports and industrial building types as well as refurbishment and conservation.

Dan has worked with many of the best architectural practices in the UK (and world-wide) over the years as a specification consultant and, being an architectural technician in the first place, is acquainted with how Architects tend to work and think. Dan is also knowledgeable in contractual matters which will have major impact on how the specifications should be written.

All building project locations will be considered.

Meeting with the designers will be seen as normally procedure (unless working from different countries where other approaches may have to be developed).

Obviously there will be the usual e mail exchanges as drafts are issued but regular meetings are regarded as an important part of the service to be provided to ensure that the specifications and the design drawings are fully coordinated.

Consequently, normal practice will be to meet on a regular basis with the design team to discuss the architectural design, materials, finishes and various details to be incorporated into the specification.


Committed to delivering on time and to programme.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to make contact on the number or e mail address given above.

If experience and knowledge is the key to producing quality specifications, it is also the key to efficiency and speed, which is why you will find that working with Dan will actually be more cost effective than doing it in-house.

Also providing PI cover. Details of this on request.

The goal is to provide high quality specifications to meet the programme and the specific project requirements. In many instances this will involve supplementing the normal NBS specification sections and clauses, particularly on issues relating to contractor design, submittals, sustainability and other important issues. In fact this is an important additional quality which will be provided as a part of the normal service.

Attending meetings with other design team consultants (ie structural, M&E etc) with a view to ensuring that other specifications integrate with the architectural specifications will be regarded as standard procedure.